Fearless Records Issue Statement On Sparks/AVP

In regards to the statement from Fearless Records below:

Yes it is true, we are no longer a part of their Record Label. Do we care? Not really…. We never want to be a part of any kind of team that doesn’t believe in us the same way that we believe in ourselves, our friends, and supporters. And that is exactly what it came down to. Fearless Records did not believe in Joe, Dylan, and myself (Jason).

We appreciate them releasing us from all of our “contractual agreements” and we appreciate all the support that they gave us in the past.

We are happy that upon our moving forward we have maintained the faith from all of our friends, family, and supporters. 

A record label should never define a band and out of all the roadblocks and hardships that we have pushed through we see this one as a small pebble on the side of the road.

Here is to our future and all the great things to come


Artist Vs Poet

Joe, Dylan, Jason


Fearless Records recently dropped both Artist Vs Poet and Sparks The Rescue from their roster. You can read Fearless’s explanation for the dropping of both bands below by clicking “Read More”.

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    Remember when AVP was dropped from fearless? Now they’re labum is ahead of Miley’s on iTunes… SUCK IT FEARLESS
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    Best fuck you ever. You get ‘Em Kirky.
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    whoa! I’m super late finding out about this. Damn! This really bums me out. I love both avp and str. I will absolutely...
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    this is so sad! i luv them…
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    psh and i had desires for working for Fearless :p
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    So freakin true! Wtf does it say about Fearless since so many bands have left (Artist Vs Poet, Sparks The Rescue, The...
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    What Jason said.
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    BULLSHIT I love both of those bands
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    "Crucial band members" my ass. Both bands are better off without Fearless, and they’re doing and will continue doing...
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